chaoticlapras' and Hikari10's Ist of Things to Do

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chaoticlapras' and Hikari10's Ist of Things to Do

Post  chaoticlapras on Sat Dec 01, 2012 10:24 pm

Well, Hikari10 and I, the Admins of the forum, have many things to do to this forum to make it a better place. The both of us shall use this top post, editing as we go along, so you can see what we need to do. And what we have done, which will be crossed out.So...

1. Fix buttons being in French
2. Write the rules
3. Get more users
4. Create a full staff team
5. Make all forums and categories.
6. Promote the forum more
7. Prepare the Christmas Events
8. Post the Christmas Events
9. Figure out how to make sub-forums
10. Make some
11. Get a header
12. Get affiliate forums
13. Get more members

That's all for now. Hikari and I will edit this pos, staff who have suggestions for going on this thread, post here, non-staff in the questions and feedback.


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